Make the most of ceiling fan season
May 26, 2009 - 12:15pm

  • Focus on the energy-saving aspects of fans. Consumers can reduce air conditioning costs thanks to the “wind chill” effect fans provide. Fans with Energy Star® ratings and efficient motors enhance the package.
  • Provide plenty of choices. Even within a single model, most offer mix-and-match blade and body finishes. Manufacturer finish chips enable space-conscious display of these combinations, and engage customers as they select their “custom” variations.
  • Style is important, but performance is key. Today’s “Target” mentality requires great design and good value to go hand in hand. But when it comes to fans, motor quality and quiet operation will trump a pretty package, giving long-term satisfaction and repeat business. So look for powerful motors and solid warranties within a full range of price points.
  • Spring into incentives. Customers who may otherwise postpone a planned seasonal fan purchase due to the economy might need a nudge to tip the scales. Try “add a room” incentives like progressive discounts on multiple purchases.
  • Remind customers of year-round benefits. By improving airflow throughout a home, fans can circulate heat in the winter as well as cooling air in the summer. Reverse settings that move the blades in a clockwise direction create a gentle updraft for even heat distribution.
  • Promote fans as an alternative to remodeling. Large investments in home improvements may not be practical for many customers, but a fan with a light kit or integrated light is a multifunctional upgrade to both the lighting and comfort of just about any room.

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