Lux Lighting Revamping Staff, Showroom
March 8, 2012 - 4:10pm

A new management team at Lux Lighting is expanding the store’s staff, product line and customer services in order to make the 10,000-square-foot showroom in Portland, OR, the top lighting store in the region.

Lux recently hired Laura Hoggan as the new Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Hoggan brings a wealth of marketing experience from her time in the water and wastewater industry. In addition, Susan L. Emerson became the company’s CEO, while also maintaining her previous role as CFO. Together, the new management team is working to improve all aspects of the store.

“We’re revamping everything,” Emerson says. “We’ve increased our sales staff, as well as our focus on customer service and marketing. We want to make ourselves the premiere lighting source in the Pacific Northwest.”

The management team is also expanding the store’s product offerings, as well as its website, which will now feature a clearance section. The store is also testing a beta site for design consulting services that will debut in Eugene, OR. If the beta site is successful, Lux will explore expanding the concept elsewhere in the Pacific Northwest.

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