Lights Up! Acquires Matthew Lampshade
September 6, 2013 - 10:19am
The companies have moved into a new facility in Brooklyn's Industry City.

Lights Up! has acquired Matthew Lampshade, a 40-year-old lamp shade manufacturer in Brooklyn, NY, known for hospitality lighting and custom fixtures. The two companies’ facilities have been consolidated in a beautiful new industrial loft in Brooklyn’s Industry City, home to a number of other cutting-edge manufacturers and fabricators.

“This acquisition significantly expands our capabilities in the areas of custom, contract and hospitality lighting, as well as allowing us to offer shorter lead times and more options to our existing customers,” Lights Up! President Rachel Simon says. “We aim to provide the finest and most versatile ambient lighting line in the country.”

The new facility includes wire frame fabricating, shade cutting and a custom workshop in addition to distribution, all under one roof.

“We are making our bespoke lighting within sight of downtown Manhattan and the new Freedom Tower,” Simon says. “It is a fun and inspiring place to go to work every day.”


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