Lighting showrooms to open in the World Market Center's Building C
April 14, 2009 - 12:00pm

At full buildout, Las Vegas’ World Market Center expects its campus to total more than 12 million square feet spread across eight sprawling expo buildings. Three structures are currently open, with the newest — the much-hyped Building C — celebrating its grand opening at this month’s Las Vegas Market. Regardless, that’s a lot of space dedicated to the home furnishings industry, and Building C — some 2.1 million square feet — represents a milestone for the World Market Center.

The 10th floor of Building C is dedicated to showrooms for lighting manufacturers, and the rest of the building features a cross-category mix of home furnishings. High-end design gets glam treatment on the building’s 5th floor, where a trio of temporary shows — ConText, Design & Living and the Living Green Pavilion — will show off luxury products and international wares.

In years past, the Las Vegas Market included temporary exhibits and show spaces located in nearby convention halls. This year, for the first time, the World Market Center is able to bring all its efforts together under one roof.

“It’s a significant accomplishment because, to my knowledge, we really are the only integrated [home furnishings] campus,” says Robert Maricich, CEO of the World Market Center.

As construction wrapped up on Building C in early June, Maricich estimated he had nearly 1,740 truckloads of furnishing merchandise ready to move in as soon as the contractors concluded the interior buildouts — a testament, he says, to the strong appeal of the Las Vegas Market.

“You can park, come [in] and work the market without leaving the buildings, regardless of the weather,” he explains. “You can come and see just under 1,000 exhibitors in a couple days, and those exhibitors get 60,000 eyeballs walking through their space.”

Building C is critical for this sustained marketing push. With 130,000 square feet on each of its 16 floors, the state-of-the-art building is home to about 400 exhibitors. The World Market Center’s ability to consolidate its operations onto the 57-acre market campus also opens up the possibility of hosting independent trade shows, Maricich says.

With Building C set to make a splash this summer, the World Market Center is already looking ahead to the next wave. In January, the design team unveiled plans for the 1.1-million-square-foot Building D, designed as a companion to Building C’s tenant roster. Now, with the economy posting record losses, Maricich says the World Market Center is re-evaluating its timeline for Building D.

"We’d planned on breaking ground later this year, and we’re waiting to see what happens with the economy here in short order,” he says. “When you start building these buildings that cost $400 or $500 million, you have to be judicious about it.”

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