Lighting Science Group Donates Bulbs to Help Sandy Victims
April 29, 2013 - 9:43am
For every Definity A19 LED lamp purchased, the company will donate an LED lamp to Rebuilding Together, a national non-profit charity that is rebuilding homes affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Lighting Science Group Corp. announced that in honor of Earth Day 2013, it has partnered with Rebuilding Together®, a national non-profit charity, to support the organization’s rebuilding of homes that were affected by Hurricane Sandy.

With the purchase of the newly released “Edison-inspired” Definity™ A19 LED lamp from Lighting Science, the company will donate an LED lamp to Rebuilding Together. The lamps for purchase in the program include the Definity omnidirectional A19 40W equivalent LED lamp, the Definity omnidirectional A19 60W equivalent LED lamp, and the Definity GP19 40W equivalent LED lamp, which reduces energy consumption to only 8W, 12W and 6W, respectively.

Lighting Science is specifically offering the A19 LED lamps to the Rebuilding Together program because the lamp type is the most commonly used by residential homeowners. The significant energy savings provided by the lamps combined with the long lifespans will make the greatest impact in conserving energy for the future and furthering the charity's goal of repairing and rehabilitating the homes of at least 200 homeowners by 2014.

“Hurricane Sandy was devastating to many homeowners and to support their rebuilding efforts we will provide new lighting that is highly efficient, emits a beautiful light, and does not contain mercury,” says Jeremy Cage, CEO of Lighting Science. “Our A19 LED lamps will help storm victims in the future by reducing their energy costs as they continue their rebuilding efforts.”

“Rebuilding Together is proud to have the support of Lighting Science as we rebuild safe and healthy homes for low-income homeowners affected by Superstorm Sandy,” says John White, Chief Business Officer for Rebuilding Together. “Good lighting is a matter of safety and one of the basic components of home repair and rehabilitation we incorporate around the country. In addition, this generous donation of LED lights will reduce utility costs and keep money in the pockets of our homeowners when they need it most as they rebuild their homes and lives and recover from the disaster.”

The program will run through June 15th. For more information, visit

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Lighting Science Group has the "Real People" vs scientific (as their peers do) people sensitivity. I applaud them for this humanity.

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