Lighting One Participates in CCA Global Summit
March 30, 2012 - 3:20pm

Noticeably absent from this June’s Dallas Market, Lighting One, the largest cooperative of specialty lighting showrooms, traded the summer edition of its biannual convention at the Dallas Market Center for the opportunity to join parent company CCA Global Partners for the first-ever CCA Global Summit, a meeting of more than 3,600 members across 14 different CCA Global partner divisions. Held Aug. 14-17 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, the event afforded Lighting One members the opportunity to network, socialize and witness first-hand one of the company’s founding principles: economy of scale.

“It’s what we talk about all the time: taking advantage of the opportunities that come from being a part of something bigger,” says Lighting One President Mike Cherico. “[The Summit] is that principle on a larger scale.”

During the four-day summit, Lighting One retailers participated in division meetings, team-building exercises and social events. All summit attendees joined together for a day of informative and inspirational speakers, including Jack Mitchell, CEO of East Coast fine clothing retailer Mitchells/Richards/Marshs and author of “Hug Your Customers: The Proven Way to Personalize Sales and Achieve Astounding Results,” and Jim MacLaren, former athlete and winner of the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the 2005 ESPY Awards.

“Lighting One is one of the smaller CCA Global partners, so on our own we have never had the opportunity to have the kind of speakers that we have here at the Global Summit,” Cherico says. “Here, we really get to show our members the size and scope of the entire organization. We want our members to know the benefits of being part of this group.” 

Lighting industry attendees had the opportunity to meet and share stories and strategies with other entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds, including the flooring and carpet industries.

Muriel Wirz, Lighting One Advisory Council member and owner of Lights on Broadway in Brooklyn Park, MN, was asked to attend the summit on behalf of Lighting One.

“I’m taking away encouragement and excitement—seeing all these people from various industries coming together and [learning] how we can affect the market in a positive way,” Wirz says. “I came because they asked me to come, and now, I’m so happy I did.”

While Lighting One will continue to participate in future Global Summits, it’s not giving up its individual identity just yet. The organization will hold its own convention next year at the January Dallas Market, with a heavy dose of educa-tional seminars and an exciting new product launch, the second exclusive Lighting One Select line.

“It will definitely be an exciting time,” Cherico says. “For us, it all comes down to product, and our programs are getting more attention than ever.”

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