Light the Fuse
April 14, 2009 - 12:00pm

Dalsgaard: Fused glass is a process in which glass melts onto glass in a high-temperature kiln. It is typically fused flat initially and later molded or slumped to create form or movement. It’s quite different from blown glass, which involves blowing, spinning and a very free use of color.

 To make our fused glass lighting pieces, colored glass is supplied to us. We then design and cut the colored glass into the shapes we want to incorporate into lighting. By overlaying and overlapping each piece, we can create new colors and hues through the fusing process. With the manipulation of colors, shapes, forms and textures, we are able to create colored glass gem patterns and motifs that beautifully complement our client’s environment.

 All glass must be compatible to fuse successfully. The coefficient of expansion (COE) has to be the same for each piece of glass used. We are fortunate that nowadays there are companies that sell their glass in a variety of colors with pre-tested, matching coefficients.

 With fused glass, I can create a variety of different effects in a lighting piece—organic, geometric, conservative or playful, for example. There are so many options and so many ways to go. Each creation reflects a definite mood and presence. Blues and greens lend a softer, more soothing feel, whereas earth tones are more grounding. It is all relative to what clients want for their environment.

 One thing La Stella is known for is the texture in our glass. Our under-standing of intricate firing schedules allows us to create the different textures we are looking for. We fuse our glass so you are actually able to feel the pattern and dimension. When looking up at a custom-designed La Stella light, one can see the dimension in each piece of glass, not to mention the added composition of the chandelier, which lends itself to a most dramatic expression of illuminating art.

 To me, colored glass is most beautiful when light is shining through it and each color is accented. We are creating art with our sculptural lighting. It is what some call “poetry in glass.” When someone is looking for a showpiece, La Stella’s fused glass definitely makes a statement.


Tranquil Waters

After years of testing glass fusion, Dalsgaard has developed an expertise in

the intricacies of firing schedules, a skill critical to the desired outcome of a

La Stella creation.

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