LED Lighting Facts Program Now Allows Family-Grouping Submission Process
March 13, 2013 - 10:05am
Because of the burdensome testing requirements, manufacturers can now group products into families and test only one member to register all relatives as LED Lighting Facts-listed.
Lighting Facts label
A standard Lighting Facts label

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced that instead of continuing to require that all LED Lighting Facts®-listed products be tested to IES LM-79 to qualify, it will allow manufacturers to group related LED lighting products into "families" and will only require that one member of each family be fully tested in order for all of its relatives to be registered with LED Lighting Facts.

Manufacturers will be able to calculate or extrapolate performance figures for the other products in a family based on the measured performance of the family member that was tested. DOE will also implement a program to spot-check the validity of product listings by conducting verification testing on randomly selected samples.

This revision comes on the heels of DOE's announcement last November that there would be some changes coming to LED Lighting Facts due to the growing number of LED lighting products on the market. Testing requirements are becoming increasingly burdensome to manufacturers; not only financially, but also in terms of maintaining timely listings with a rapidly evolving product line.

The new family-grouping submission process is expected to begin in April and the verification testing in June. DOE’s goal is to test 5 percent of the total LED Lighting Facts product list, and manufacturers will have to pay for the procurement and testing of any of their products that are selected for verification. Products that fail the testing will have an opportunity to correct performance. Products will be chosen for testing at random, but the sampling process will be weighted so that, over time, manufacturers that report accurately will be less likely to have their products tested.

LED Lighting Facts — which was launched by the DOE in late 2008 to promote the accurate and consistent reporting of LED product performance claims — now has nearly 6,700 market-available products registered and more than 1,100 LED Lighting Facts partners.

Questions about the changes should be sent to [email protected].

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