Laura Kirar Discusses Inspiration Behind Creations for Arteriors Home
August 24, 2012 - 7:48am
The designer's travels and a variety of unexpected sources influence many of the designs for her eponymous collection.
Laura Kirar

Kirar: My biggest inspiration is nature. I’ll see something that alludes to something else or reminds me of a feeling. My next thought is to translate the organic — be it a flower, a rock or grasses blowing in the wind — into something three-dimensional. I’m also inspired by materials, which often can reflect things in nature. For the most part, I try to use natural materials — brass, iron, marble, wood, raffia and sisal.

One light fixture, Berti, was inspired by grass blowing in a field. I wanted to reflect both the luminous sunlight against dried long grasses and something that moves. It’s unusual for a light fixture to be kinetic, and there was no better way to achieve that than simply to use a lightly burnished brass metal tube. The result looks minimal and modern.

Another piece that I’m excited about is Tassel. This, for me, is rejoicing in the material itself. I traveled to Chile last year. In a hotel, there were these massive tassels holding back the drapery. I got to thinking why I was so attracted to it. I started sketching. The tassel became bigger and bigger and more and more prominent in the idea of the piece. Before I knew it, it was all about the tassel. It’s dramatic, unexpected, yet totally simple. Tassels are luxury items. So, a lamp of this size has a luxury reference. And with its silk shade, the piece is about soft elements becoming illuminated.

There’s a fine line between art and design, between art for art’s sake and art for function. I think that most of the time I hit the right theme. I’ve been drawing since I was a very young girl. My father, although a schoolteacher, used to paint on weekends. My mother sewed. So with my upbringing artistically, the design process feels very intuitive. From time to time, we here in the studio take a look at our processes and assess whether it’s still working or whether we should do something differently. But for me, the initial creative direction hasn’t changed. It all comes naturally.

  • Laura Kirar
    Laura Kirar
  • Tassel lamp Arteriors Home
    Tassel lamp Arteriors Home
    Kirar began sketching ideas for the Tassel lamp after seeing dramatic drapery tassels at a hotel in Santiago, Chile. The scale of the black-and-navy tassel conveys the same luxurious feeling.
  • Berti pendant Arteriors Home
    Berti pendant Arteriors Home
    The solid brass-and-glass Berti pendant had its origins in a field of tall golden reeds near a valley farmhouse in the Andes Mountains.

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