John Cunningham Joins Jonathan Charles and Wildwood Lamps as Creative Director
January 23, 2013 - 3:38pm
Cunningham says he plans to infuse Jonathan Charles' new collections with plenty of color and reference more current trends in Wildwood's showroom for April's High Point market.

Jonathan Charles and Wildwood Lamps have named John Cunningham as the new Creative Director of Showroom Design and Product Development. Cunningham’s background in showroom design and visual merchandising will help highlight the eclectic, inspirational lifestyle elements of both Jonathan Charles and Wildwood Lamps.

Cunningham’s experience in visual merchandising includes roles with department store giants J.C. Penny, Dillard’s and Filene’s. Since 2003, he has been the director of visual merchandising for Furnitureland South and Guildmaster Inc., where he oversaw all design aspects of the companies’ branding. In October 2012, Cunningham was recruited to revamp Jonathan Charles’ 20,000-sq-ft. showroom, which is shared with Wildwood Lamps, to reflect a lifestyle-oriented environment, and he will continue to oversee showroom designs at future High Point Markets, as well as product development for both brands. Cunningham’s new role also includes traveling to Jonathan Charles’ prominent domestic and international retailers to ensure a consistent visual display on a sales level.

Cunningham's design aesthetic mirrors that of Jonathan Charles — mixing contemporary, artistic elements into historical period furniture — and believes their shared philosophy will result in a great marriage that bolsters the brands’ images.

“I envision our showroom space in a way that is more inspirational than sales-oriented,” Cunningham says. “We will merchandise the line not only as purveyors of fine furniture and lighting but also as trendsetters for modernizing classic pieces for today’s living.”

For the April High Point Market, Cunningham plans to infuse an expansive color palette into Jonathan Charles’ new collections and reference more au courant trends into Wildwood’s showroom.

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