Jennifer Pinto takes the helm of Residential Lighting
April 4, 2012 - 3:48pm

After nearly three years with Residential Lighting, I feel as though my initiation into the realm of lighting geekdom is complete. Just ask my husband, who is kind enough to listen patiently (though somewhat glassy-eyed) as I gush about the merits of CFLs or the tantalizing new shade trends I spotted at market. It wasn’t that far of a stretch; I’m a quick study, and, after all, I learned the ropes from the best. The talented editors who have come before me have set a shining example for what it means to serve our readers and our industry, and I’m proud and excited to be taking over where they’ve left off.

Obviously, there have been a few changes around here. After almost 15 years with Residential Lighting, Laura Van Zeyl has moved on to pursue a new challenge in the world of consumer media. Before taking her final bow, she had these sentiments to share you:

“While I’m excited about this opportunity, I’m sad to say goodbye to the friends and factories I’ve gotten to know over the years. My first day on the job was actually at the Dallas Market, long enough ago that it was held in July and really just on the Trade Mart’s third floor. I’ll never forget how welcoming I found this industry immediately—and how forgiving it was when this lighting newbie would ask yet another dumb question in my slow and steady pursuit of greater expertise. Given how long many of you have known each other, it’s very generous of you to open your inner circle to a newcomer—especially someone like me who had so little knowledge to contribute back in those early years. Maybe it’s because lighting boasts so many family businesses that the environment simultaneously shares a strong sense of hospitality for new arrivals while relationships run so deep with others. There’s always room for one more at the table.”

I echo Laura’s observations regarding your friendly and inclusive nature, and as I pull up a seat beside you, I thank you in advance for accepting me into your cadre. Rest assured, no matter how our masthead changes or whose byline graces these pages, you are ultimately in charge of what you see and read here. Your evolving needs truly dictate our direction. Now, please pass the mashed potatoes.

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