Janet Lennox Moyer on LED Landscape Lighting
December 5, 2011 - 7:34pm
A legend in the world of landscape lighting talks about how emerging LED technology is changing her craft.

The art of lighting landscapes has become much more understated, according to one leading designer, thanks in part to the use of LEDs. “The big thing I’m seeing in landscape lighting is those of us who have been in it for a while are becoming much more subtle,” says Janet Lennox Moyer, landscape lighting designer and founder of the Landscape Lighting Resource, an educational non-profit focused on landscape lighting. “Instead of using a lot of light, it’s more gentle and intricate in a very soft way that’s much prettier than it used to be.” LEDs’ unique properties have played a role in this new style of landscape lighting, Moyer says. “LEDs can do some things other light sources can’t due to their size and capability, and they’re lowering our wattage consumption, which is wonderful,” says Moyer. Moyer’s examples of this are small 1W and 2W LEDs that can be drilled into a rock wall to light the wall itself and “tunable” LED fixtures that are individually dimmable. However, Moyer is quick to point out that there are still some complications with LEDs. For instance, some LED light sources aren’t shielded properly by manufacturers, resulting in more glare, and heat can be a problem as well if not properly dissipated. Also, LEDs don’t get warmer in color as they dim like incandescents, and there are still compatibility issues with traditional dimmers. “I think we’re going to see more and more LEDs coming into the market,” Moyer says. “Right now, there are so many different platforms, but I think there will be a time when we’ll see less variation and more compatibility.”

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LEDs have proven themselves

LEDs have proven themselves in the interior of homes. I'm sure it holds true in the outside. Some large buildings are covered with LED lights to sparkle during the night. In landscapes, it help to brighten further certain areas. cap light

Janet Moyer definitely knows

Janet Moyer definitely knows what she's talking about. I totally agree with her. LED lights have that softened or dimmed glow on them that it makes the landscape even prettier than when you are using other kinds of decorative lights. The LED strips and ropes from http://www.luminoworld.com/ could even be a better option for your yard.

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