Israeli Designer Believes in Being True to Her Materials
December 5, 2011 - 9:52pm
Israeli lighting and furniture designer Ayala Serfaty’s gallery show In Vein hits New York City this month.
Part of Ayala Serfaty’s Soma Collection, the Clear 2011 light sculpture is 7 feet long and took four months to create.

Serfaty: I’m motivated by the passion to realize things I find necessary. It could be a certain feel of something that I find missing in existing objects,

or an authentic conversation with certain materials.  

Take the authentic conversation between glass and polymer in Soma. When I say authentic, I mean that the piece is going in both directions: It’s true to both materials. It learns from traditional ways of working with the materials, keeps the materials within their unique qualities and is exposed. At the same time, it’s an original, inventive way of working with them. The way to discover this new, original way is to explore and trace an authentic expression of my authentic self.

Soma is an original exploration of the use of glass rods and polymer skin to create light sculptures. My thinking is not of design. It’s of sculpture with a use. Clear 2011, which is part of the Soma Collection, is a 7-foot-long wall installation made as an arch. It’s large enough to become a part of the architecture of an interior, and it gives graceful soft light. 

Making this piece took four months — the manual human time is an important part of its energy. I find human handwork very important in the creation of organic artwork. I don’t know what words to use exactly, but my work has energy. It’s alive in some way, as though a continuous growth is happening within its fractions. Maybe it’s a little mystical, but I believe that this energy has something to do with the long labor-hours put into the piece.

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