Industry Remembers Florida Rep Bob Craig
January 18, 2012 - 5:07pm

Bob Craig, a lighting rep who covered Florida for over 30 years, died suddenly on Jan. 1 at the age of 74.  He represented Currey & Co. for over 20 years, as well as Port 68 and Cooper Classics.

Bob’s friends in the industry described him as the “ultimate gentleman,” and say they’ll remember his tremendous work ethic.

“He was a fabulous rep – a very straight shooter,” says Port 68 President Michael Yip. “He was very passionate about selling and a very hard worker. If you named any customer, he could tell you where they were and who the buyer was.”

“Bob was Currey’s oldest rep, but he was always full of energy,” says Rich Joseph, another Currey rep who covers New York. “He was always the first in the showroom in the morning and the last to leave in the evening.”

Currey’s Vice President of Sales Bob Ulrich says that while Bob was a great rep, what he’ll remember most is his kindness and sincerity.

“It would be easy to describe Bob Craig as the consummate salesman, but these words only scratch the surface as to the depth that Bob represented as a man,” Ulrich said in statement. “He was everything you could ask for in a rep and I often thought that if we could clone a rep, we would want to clone Bob.”

Vickie Falk, who worked with Bob at Craig & Associates, describes Bob as “an old school Southern gentleman.”

“He opened doors for people, always carried stuff for women, and you never heard him say anything unkind to anybody,” Falk says. “He always had names of endearment for people, especially women. He treated women like they were treasures.”

Bob’s wife Sherry, who repped with him for the last 30 years, says the outpouring of support from the lighting industry has been overwhelming.

“I always knew I was married to a great guy, but I had no idea I was married to a saint,” she says.

In his free time, Bob was an avid golfer who was taught by famous golfer Tommy Armour, and later appeared on the cover of Armour’s book “How to Play Your Best Golf All the Time.”

Bob is survived by his wife; his brother, Tom; five daughters, Carrie (Tom) David, Candice (Jeff) Miller, Crystal Craig Larsen, Catherine (Paul) David, and Casey (Patrick) Thume; and 10 grandchildren, Zachary, Mitchell, Henry, Robert, Athena, Holly, Jimmie Rose, Cheney, Bowen and Riley. 

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Yes i admit that He was a

Yes I admit that he was a fabulous rep with 68. President Michael Yip was very passionate about selling and also telling you where they were and who the buyer was.

Bob was simply the best!

Bob was simply the best! Enjoyed our 20+ years of association with him.

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