IALD Honors Two Residential Projects
March 8, 2012 - 4:54pm

Two residential projects were among the honorees at the 28th annual International Lighting Design Awards given out by the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) in Philadelphia on May 18.

Richard Renfro (IALD), Sarah Randall, Fabio Tuchiya and Andrew Thompson of Renfro Design Group received an Award of Merit for the Art Collector’s Loft (pictured) in New York, and Susan Leaming of Architectural LX was awarded a Special Citation for “the delicate treatment of light and architecture” for the Glass/Wood House in New Canaan, CT.

Sarah Randall, Renfro Design Group’s project manager, says the Art Collector’s Loft project was a challenge due to space restrictions and client requests.

“The client had an extensive art collection and he wanted a space where he could live and also present his art, but the space he purchased was a former industrial building with fairly low ceilings,” she says. “The client also gave us the direction that he didn’t want to see any light fixtures, so we had to incorporate them into the folds in the ceiling and other areas.”

In order to accomplish this, lighting designers used recessed and cove lighting fixtures in the ceiling as well as illuminated shelves for displaying art.

The end result was described by one judge as “a fluid and seamless lighting design that completely supports the architectural concept of the space,” while another judge praised the project as “sleek, modern, completely integrated and luminous… perfectly in harmony with the smooth-edged architecture.”

The architects for the Art Collector's Loft were UNstudio and Franke, Gottsegen, Cox Architects.

The Glass/Wood House project was honored for using light to make the architecture fit with the landscape. Leaming, Architectural LX’s principal lighting designer, says the project was tricky because of the large amount of glass used in the house’s design.

“My mission was to keep light levels very low in order to let the view from the interior reach well into the landscape,” she says. “I find if you’re lighting a glass building and you use a lot of lighting, you lose a lot of depth in the view, so it’s better to use lower light levels than to blast it with light.”

Leaming also dealt with this issue by uplighting the tall pine trees outside the house in order to make them more visible from inside.

In the end, the lighting fit perfectly with the architecture, and the project was described by one judge as “a beautiful, extreme minimalistic handling of light that is practically invisible, complementing these same architectural qualities.”

Other awards given out at the ceremony included:

Radiance Award for Excellence in Lighting Design – Telekombridge in Bonn, Germany. Lighting design by Andreas Schulz (IALD), Florian Amannt, Stephan Thiele and Thomas Möritz from Licht Kunst Licht AG.

Award of Excellence – Aman New Delhi in New Delhi. Lighting design by Kaoru Mende (IALD), Kentaro Tanaka (Associate IALD) and Takeo Sugamata from Lighting Planners Associates.

Award of Excellence – Cha Cha The in Taipei, Taiwan. Lighting design by Andrew Jacques, Nathan Thompson and Gelsie Cerquiera from the Flaming Beacon.

Award of Excellence – Eleanor and Wilson Greatbatch Pavilion in Buffalo, NY. Lighting design by Matt Franks, Brian Stacy (IALD) and Molly McKnight from Arup Lighting.

Award of Excellence – Sperone Westwater Gallery in New York. Lighting design by Gabe Guilliams, David Smith (Design IALD) and Craig Danton from Buro Happold.

Award of Excellence and Sustainability – Helsingborg Waterfront in Helsingborg, Sweden. Lighting design by Allan Ruberg, Christian Klinge, Frida Nordmark and Frederick W. Borello from AF – Hansen & Henneberg.

Award of Merit – Dee and Charles Wyly Theatre in Dallas. Lighting design by Suzan Tillotson (IALD) and Christopher Cheap (Associate IALD) of Tillotson Design Associates.

Award of Merit – Expo Axis at the World Expo Shanghai in Shanghai. Lighting design by Dr. Yun Weimin, Dr. Chu Xingwu, Lee Yingyuan, Wang Delin of Shanghai Grandar Light Art & Technology Co.

Award of Merit – Hotel Encanto in Acapulco, Mexico. Lighting design by Gustavo Avilés (IALD) of Lighteam.

Award of Merit – Municipal Theater of Zafra in Zafra, Badajoz, Spain. Lighting design by Enrique Krahe Marina from Enrique Krahe Arquitectos/Architecten.

Award of Merit – Nikkei Head Office in Tokyo. Lighting design by Hirohito Totsune, (Associate IALD), Koichi Tanaka (Associate IALD) and Shuhei Kobayashi of Sirius Lighting Office Inc.

Award of Merit – Science Storms at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. Lighting design by Paul Gregory, J.R. Krauza, Joshua Spitzig, Dan Henry and Kenneth Schutz of Focus Lighting.

Award of Merit – East Harlem School in New York. Lighting design by Peter L. Gluck, Stacie Wong, Bethia Liu, Thomas Patterson (Associate IALD) and Carlos Hano of Peter Gluck and Partners and Lux Populi.

Special Citation for Innovative Use of Light as a Sculptural Element – JR Amagasaki Station North NK Building in Hyogo, Japan. Lighting design by Hiroyasu Yoshino of Akari + Design Associates.

Special Citation for Layered Façade Lighting Expressing Visual Depth – John E. Jaqua Academic Center for Student Athletes at the University of Oregon in Portland, OR. Lighting design by Mark Godfrey of Interface Engineering Lighting Studio.

Photo by Iwan Baan.

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