Hunter Fan Co. Celebrates 120 Years
April 14, 2009 - 12:00pm

This month’s Dallas Market promises to pack a bigger punch than ever

before, what with all the new territory to explore. But the real excitement will be found inside lighting showrooms, as exhibitors vie for buyers’ attention with celebrations and special programs.

 Hunter Fan Co. doesn’t have to stretch very far for a reason to throw a party. In addition to a new, larger showroom located in the Trade Mart

expansion, Hunter is celebrating 120 years in the business of ceiling fans.
The Hunter brothers moved their successful fan business to Fulton, NY, in 1889. By 1897 they had begun producing motorized fans and changed the name to Hunter Fan & Motor Co.

  “We invented the category,” says Beau Parker, Vice President of Marketing for Hunter Fan Co.’s ceiling fan division. “On the top of every box, it says, ‘Made the way it used to be,’ and because of

that heritage, we have a quality product and an over 100-year reputation.”

  Throughout its long, storied history, Hunter has striven to be an enduring symbol of quality and innovation in the fan industry. The company was founded in Syracuse, NY, in 1886 by brothers John and James Hunter, when they bought part of the Tuerk Water Meter Co. and began producing water-powered fans. In 1889, the brothers moved their

business to Fulton, NY, and less than a decade later began making motorized fans with motors from General Electric.

 At that time, the brothers renamed the company Hunter Fan & Motor Co. Over the course of the 20th Century, Hunter powered through World War I, the Great Depression and World War II, thanks to its ability to evolve with advancements in technology and the changing times. As a result, today the now-Memphis-based company’s name is synonymous among consumers with the ceiling fan category.

The 1886 ceiling fan from Hunter is a special edition replica of a turn-of-the-century design, available at the January market.

  In honor of its anniversary, Hunter is pulling out all of the stops in its Dallas showroom this month. Along with a Saturday afternoon shindig, the company will showcase a special vintage product gallery, featuring 10 fans hailing from different time periods, lovingly restored by a Hunter Fan collector.

 The company will also release the first installment of its Heritage Collection, a limited edition replica series inspired by turn-of-the-century Hunter designs.

 “With the new series, we’re bringing back [vintage] features, such as ‘adapt air,’ and fitting them with fashion-forward finishes for a new audience,” Parker says. “This is just the start. We’ll begin expanding on this collection on a yearly basis.”

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