How You Sparkle
April 14, 2009 - 12:00pm

Lisa Nardone of Rosie NYC:

I’ve been doing high-end lighting from Italy through Rosie NYC for seven years. Meredith has been doing Chandi, which is also very high-end, even longer in California. We’ve known each other a really long time—we met at the New York Intl. Gift Fair—and always wanted to do something together. She and I have always sold to some of the same people and stores, but they come to us for different things.

A year ago we decided to do a more moderately priced line out of India, which we launched at the New York show this past August. When it’s just you running a small busi-ness, the thought of starting a new line out of India is daunting. By doing it together, we made it actually happen. In less than a year, we were showing the line and had samples to sell. The reaction was fantastic. Sparkle designs are trendier and more simple in design compared to our other lines. It’s a clean, simplified but very feminine look. Sparkle is opening up a new market for us that couldn’t afford our higher-end lines. We also wanted to get into private-label products, which we are starting to do with a catalog company.

I think our partnership is very unusual in the industry. Partnerships can be difficult, but this collaboration is very easy, even though Meredith and I work very differently. For us, it’s a really great balance.
Meredith Clark of Chandi:

Part of our motivation for doing the new line is that each of us finds there are a lot of stores and designers who would like to use Chandi and Rosie NYC, but the price points don’t work for them. We wanted to create a more affordable line that had the same design sensibility at a lower price point.

Compared to our other lines,

which tend to be more sophisticated, Sparkle is fun. It’s trendy, it’s playful, and the colors we’re using are really accessible to teen bedrooms and bathrooms and more informal spaces. The other nice thing for stores and the consumer is that they can play around with our line, and they

don’t have to spend a lot of money. Our intention with Sparkle is to put things out that can last a season or two, not like the chandeliers I’ve had in my line for 10 years. Sparkle rolls out quickly with what is happening in lighting and home design, and you don’t have to

wait a year or two for it to trickle down.

When you merchandise our three lines together, you create a big story with all different styles and price points. It’s really fun for stores to play around with. When we showed in Atlanta last summer, we cross-merchandised everything however it made sense—by color, style, whatever. You start to notice

aspects of each line that you wouldn’t see if you merchandised

them individually.

Typical of the hip, expressive pieces in the new Sparkle line, this glass and metal chandelier is made in India and priced to be accessible to a wide audience.

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