House of Troy Acquires G. Scatchard
July 5, 2012 - 4:45pm
The Vermont manufacturer best known for its picture lights now also owns this source of high-quality stoneware portables.

House of Troy has purchased the assets of G. Scatchard Ltd. The transaction was completed June 15.

House of Troy, located in Hyde Park, VT, is a designer and producer of picture lights, lamps and wall-mounted lighting. It is affiliated with Arroyo Craftsman and H.A Framburg & Co. through the common ownership of Malcolm Tripp.

G. Scatchard is a manufacturer of high-quality artisan stoneware lamps.

House of Troy President Bill Brown says he's known owner George Scatchard for about 25 years now. A conversation between the two took place months ago, and Brown joked with the 75-year-old Scatchard, asking him how long he was going to continue working. As it turned out, Scatchard was looking to sell.

Brown says the company is in the middle of purchasing a state-of-the-art kiln in order to manufacture Scatchard's pieces at the Hyde Park facility.

Scatchard will offer designs as a consultant and work with Brown for the next three years. Brown is hopeful the company will be in full production of Scatchard lamps by the end of August.

"George is excited, first of all," Brown says. "When we first talked to him, you could tell his product was under-marketed. Now instead of 75 or 100 people seeing his lamps you're going to have 1,600 customers exposed."

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