Heartfelt Craft
April 14, 2009 - 12:00pm

Williams: I started out in the mid-‘80s designing avant-garde clothing and hats. I was experimenting with different materials, making my own felt and also making new clothes out of old stuff. I was attracted to the idea of being eco-friendly many years ago.

 I’ve always had a passion for things that you can’t buy in a store, so I used to go every week to the metal scrap yard looking for inter-esting stuff people threw away. I made furniture out of it. One day I found a canteen cutlery holder of stainless steel and made a lamp out of it. Later I found the aluminum insides of steering wheels and I designed lamps, which I put together without any tools.  I think I was born to be green.

 Aesthetically, I love minimalism, but I don’t avoid the pleasures of decoration. I strive for a clear and functional form that is long-lasting and has a character of its own. For me, beauty is achieving a sense of harmony and bringing poetry to everyday life. All of my products are designed against the background of sustainability. Recycling has been one of my main concerns from the beginning.

 I design with aluminum, stainless steel, wood, fabrics and leather. I especially love to work with felt because of its simplicity. It doesn’t even require a hem. Felt’s simplicity helps articulate the essence of my designs. I am also inspired by the eco-friendliness of felt, which is made of wool and is a completely natural material. I think trends come and go and leave behind a longing for universalism. For me, felt leaves behind a sensation of harmony and well-being.

 My product designs are sold in many countries worldwide with a high concentration in the United States and Europe. The U.S.A. is the country most amenable to my designs. I’ve never received so much response in such a short time.
Cappelletti. Origami.

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