Global Views Partners With Studio A
March 8, 2012 - 4:15pm

Global Views has joined forces with Eastern Breeze Home Collections to help develop the Studio A line of home accessories and accent furniture. Under the new partnership, Eastern Breeze -- which will now take on the name of Studio A -- will remain under the design direction of founders Will Foster and Mary Wilson, but will rely on the infrastructure and salesforce of Global Views.

Frederick Rayner, one of the owners of Global Views, says his company saw Studio A while they were exhibiting in Atlanta as part of Austin and really liked the line’s look and point of view.

“[Studio A’s] point of view is different from ours, but it’s a really nice point of view,” Rayner says. “So we felt we could really expand the line by letting Will and Mary do what they do best, which is design product, and having Global Views promote and ship it.”

The partnership is a dream come true for Studio A, says Foster, because he and Wilson -- having spent most of their careers designing for the film and television industry -- don’t have a lot of business background in the furniture industry.

“We were looking for a partner, and Global Views stepped up to the plate,” Foster says. “Global Views was always the shining city on the hill, so perfectly polished and professional, and they have been a real role model for us.”

This is the first partnership of this kind for Global Views. Although Studio A will be using the Global Views sales team, Global Views has arranged for Studio A to have separate showroom space in Dallas and Las Vegas, and is also working on securing a space in High Point.

The Studio A line encompasses decorative furniture and accessories, including some lighting, and has an eclectic, material-based feel, Foster says. When the company was still known as Eastern Breeze, prior to joining Austin, the company’s Splash bowls were selected by Residential Lighting readers as one of the Top 100 Products of the Year. (Studio A’s Water Splash pewter platters shown here.) Foster says he would like to expand the lighting portion of the line with help from Global Views, and hopes to have some new lighting introductions in time for April’s High Point Market.

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