Give Your Store Something to Celebrate
May 26, 2010 - 2:29pm

When was the last time you danced in your showroom?
I was deeply moved when Tim Stumm, Vice President of Marketing & Showroom Operations for Meletio Lighting & Electric Supply in Dallas, said he and his staff were “dancing around the showroom” upon being notified of their Showroom of the Year Finalist status.

Even for stores where that type of overt enthusiasm is always encouraged among employees, the recession had sucked all of the steam out of our Locomotion. Tim’s team reminded me that it just takes a little bit of well deserved recognition to get our twinkle toes tapping again to an upbeat rhythm.

We are honored to be a partner in our new annual awards program with the Dallas Market Center, to be presented this year on June 24 to six stores among the 30 finalists profiled in our May issue (page 33). We’ve showcased the 10 finalists in each of three dollar-volume categories, and will present Showroom of the Year honors to one retailer in each category at the summer Dallas Market. We’ll also give out specialty awards recognizing Exceptional Community Involvement, Outstanding Merchandising Display and Most Significant Accomplishment of the past year.

This special section will overrun for additional distribution in Dallas, so finalists can pick up commemorative copies to share with the folks back home who made this elite achievement possible.

This is a very public industry acknowledgment of what a select group of stores — representing a variety of sizes and geographical locations — have been able to accomplish despite an unforgiving economic environment. But chances are, whether you’re a finalist or not, or were even among the dozens of entrants for this particular competition, you’ve got something worth celebrating and a dedicated crew (likely smaller than you’ve enjoyed in the past) to thank for it. When was the last time you asked them to dance?

In that spirit, let me take this opportunity to give some gratitude to my own group, individuals who make Residential Lighting and its digital media possible: Associate Editor Darhiana Mateo pulls much of our content together and Graphic Designer Kate Bauer makes it all look spectacular. VP Harry Urban provides exceptional leadership, and Administrative Coordinator Jill Smith keeps us all sane. Hats off to our contributors and our internal service departments. And there’s a special halo reserved for our Sales Representative Sherwin Horowitz, who secures the advertising that truly keeps us going. As far as our advertisers themselves, if you appreciate this magazine, save the last dance for them.

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