EPA Honors 2014 Energy Star Partners of the Year
April 29, 2014 - 8:22am
Eight lighting and ceiling fan companies are being recognized.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) are honoring 127 organizations — including the following lighting companies: Panasonic Eco Solutions North America; Good Earth Lighting; Maxlite; Philips Lighting; Technical Consumer Products (TCP); Metro Lighting, Cree and Fanimation — for their commitment to protecting the environment through superior energy efficiency with Partner of the Year Awards. The annual Energy Star Awards will be held on April 29 in Washington, D.C.

“EPA applauds this year’s Energy Star Partner of the Year Award winners, who have demonstrated innovative strategies to help their customers, partners and stakeholders save energy and cut greenhouse gas emissions,” said EPA Deputy Administrator Bob Perciasepe. “Their commitment to saving energy helps fight climate change while also helping their bottom line.”

The winners were selected from 16,000 Energy Star partners, including manufacturers, retailers, public schools, hospitals, real estate companies, and home builders, for their dedication to protecting the environment through greater energy efficiency.

“We are honored to receive our second Energy Star Partner of the Year Award,” says Yon Sung, CEO and President of MaxLite. “Our team at MaxLite invests a considerable amount of time and effort in research and development to design more innovative, energy-efficient lighting solutions. We are also a company dedicated to learning and development and are strongly committed to giving back to the community through our support of Habitat for Humanity and other non-profit organizations.”

Organizations are recognized in the following categories:

-Partner of the Year--Sustained Excellence: The 72 Sustained Excellence winners continue to exhibit exceptional leadership year after year in the Energy Star program while remaining dedicated to environmental protection through superior energy efficiency.

-Partner of the Year: Forty-five organizations are receiving the Partner of the Year award for strategically and comprehensively managing their energy use. These organizations promote Energy Star products and practices in their own operations, in addition to providing efficient products and services to consumers and within their community.

-Excellence: Nine winners are receiving awards in part for their superior efforts in the Home Performance with Energy Star program. The remaining organizations are receiving Excellence Awards for specific activities to promote energy-efficient products, homes, or buildings.

Lighting Winners

Partner of the Year — Sustained Excellence

Panasonic Eco Solutions North America: Panasonic Eco Solutions North America (PESNA), a unit company of Panasonic North America, offers a comprehensive line of high-performance ventilation fans that avoid the use of toxic substances. All PESNA’s fans in eligible categories are Energy Star-certified, and many models incorporate energy-saving control features such as occupancy and humidity sensors. PESNA is receiving Energy Star Partner of the Year — Sustained Excellence recognition for building on its long-standing commitment to energy efficiency, and specifically for advancing residential ventilation through product innovation, outreach to consumers and contractors.

Partner of the Year

Good Earth Lighting: Good Earth Lighting Inc. is a supplier of energy-efficient, decorative and value-driven lighting fixtures for the residential and commercial markets. Since the company’s inception in 1992, Good Earth Lighting has been committed to producing high-quality, energy-efficient lighting, offering light fixtures with the latest in fluorescent and LED technologies. Good Earth Lighting is receiving Energy Star recognition for placing Energy Star at the center of its efforts in product development and promotion. In 2013, Energy Star-certified lighting represented 67 percent of total sales.

MaxLite: MaxLite has been committed to providing energy-efficient lighting products for the last 20 years, understanding the important role energy-efficient products play in environmental protection and preservation. MaxLite’s world-class research and development team is focused on developing state-of-the-art CFL and LED products for a wide-range of applications, including replacement lamps, downlights, ceiling fixtures and table lamps. MaxLite is receiving Energy Star recognition for its strong commitment to offering certified products and educating its customers about the benefits of Energy Star. In 2013 it introduced the first GU24-based A19 lamp on the Energy Star-Certified Subcomponent Database (CSD), substantially reducing the cost and time needed for Energy Star testing for light fixture manufacturers.

Philips Lighting Co.: Philips Lighting is a leader in developing sustainable, innovative and energy-efficient lighting technologies and is receiving Energy Star recognition for its commitment to the Energy Star program through product innovation and creative promotion. In 2013 it added more than 100 new Energy Star-certified products, including the first Energy Star-certified 100W-equivalent A-shape LED bulb.

Technical Consumer Products Inc. (TCP): TCP is a leading lighting manufacturer committed to providing high-quality, efficient lighting solutions at a low cost. TCP has a strong distribution footprint and reputation among retailers and distributors and sells products through more than 20,000 retail and commercial outlets. TCP is receiving Energy Star recognition for its Energy Star-focused commitment to product innovation and quality, as well as its efforts in marketing and training. It offers more than 1,200 Energy Star-certified CFLs and LEDs through its branded and private label programs.

Award for Excellence

Metro Lighting: Metro Lighting is Missouri’s largest lighting distributor and has distinguished itself through its efforts to promote the sale of Energy Star-certified lighting products. Metro Lighting is receiving Energy Star recognition for serving as a trusted Energy Star resource for the greater St. Louis community and for continuing to increase its Energy Star-certified product offerings. In 2013, it stocked more than 200 Energy Star certified lighting fixtures and bulbs, including a variety of ceiling fans, vent fans, decorative fixtures, LED bulbs, and commercial light fixtures — a 15-percent increase compared to 2012.

Cree: Cree is a market-leading innovator of LED lighting products that emphasizes the importance of Energy Star certification in its development of LED lighting solutions. It is receiving Energy Star recognition for its commitment to introducing Energy Star-certified LED bulbs at an accessible price point for the consumer. In 2013 it increased the number of Energy Star-certified models by 80 percent compared to the year prior by adding 95 Energy Star-certified products to its assortment.

Special Recognition

Fanimation: Fanimation was recognized for launching a national awareness campaign for National Ceiling Fan Day (NCFD) and educating the American public about the overall benefits of ceiling fan usage. On September 18, 2013, Fanimation launched the first NCFD with the help of more than 20 ceiling fan manufacturers, the American Lighting Association (ALA), ENERGY STAR, and other leading energy conservation groups.

"Fanimation’s continued participation in the Energy Star program since the program began recognizing ceiling fans is a testament to our commitment to energy efficiency,” says President Nathan Frampton. “We look forward to building momentum for NCFD and growing our relationship with Energy Star in the years to come.”


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