EPA, DOE Recognize 2013 Energy Star Partners of the Year
April 2, 2013 - 11:11am
GE Lighting, Philips Lighting Co., Cree Inc. and showroom Metro Lighting all received honors.
Metro Lighting receiving a 2013 Excellence Award. Photo courtesy of Metro Lighting.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) recognized 118 awardees, including four residential lighting companies, for their commitment to saving energy and protecting the environment.

“This year's Energy Star award winners have gone above and beyond to save energy and cut greenhouse gases,” says EPA Acting Administrator Bob Perciasepe. “Their commitment to superior energy efficiency not only makes these organizations valuable partners in our effort for a cleaner, healthier environment, but it also helps them reduce their day-to-day energy costs — an important feat for any organization.”

“The Energy Department applauds the ingenuity and success of the 2013 Energy Star award winners,” says DOE Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy David Danielson. “These organizations are showing firsthand how energy-efficiency improvements save money by saving energy — cutting energy waste, creating jobs nationwide and protecting our air and water.”

The winners were chosen from nearly 20,000 Energy Star partners, including manufacturers, retailers, public schools, hospitals, real estate companies and home builders for their long-term commitment to climate protection through greater energy efficiency. Energy Star partners complete a rigorous application process that demonstrates their commitment to the partnership and the environment.

Organizations are recognized in the following categories: Partners of the Year — Sustained Excellence, Partners of the Year and Excellence.

Partners of the Year — Sustained Excellence

The 70 Sustained Excellence winners continue to exhibit exceptional leadership year after year in the Energy Star® program while remaining dedicated to environmental protection through superior energy efficiency.

GE Lighting received the ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year — Sustained Excellence recognition for its strong commitment to Energy Star and its exemplary efforts in product certification, promotion, education and training. Its key accomplishments in 2012 were:

-Adding 101 Energy Star-certified LED light bulbs to its selection, representing an increase of more than 100 percent from 2011 and bringing GE's total number of Energy Star-certified bulbs to 607.

-Introducing an innovative Energy Star-certified hybrid bulb, Bright from the Start, which combines CFL and halogen technologies to deliver instant brightness.

-Training more than 4,000 people on Energy Star-certified lighting through conferences and workshops at the GE Lighting Institute, including sales representatives, retailers, consultants and distributors.

-Educating nearly 9,000 people at more than 140 events regarding Energy Star-certified light bulbs through its tradeshow on wheels, "The GE Lighting Revolution" tour.

-Promoting Energy Star-certified light bulbs in conjunction with the movie release of "Dr. Seuss' The Lorax"; GE's promotional efforts included special in-store displays, online and social media promotion, and incentives for purchasing Energy Star-certified CFLs.

-Collaborating with 98 utility partners to offer more than 300 retail promotions for Energy Star-certified lighting.

Partners of the Year

Forty-one organizations received a Partner of the Year award for strategically and comprehensively managing their energy use. These organizations promote Energy Star products and practices in their own operations, in addition to providing efficient products and services to consumers and within their community.

Philips Lighting Co. received an Energy Star Partner of the Year recognition for providing consumers with energy-efficient products to meet their lighting needs and consistently prioritizing Energy Star in its design process and promotional efforts. Key 2012 accomplishments include:

-Nearly doubling its number of Energy Star-certified light bulb offerings from 2011 to 269 products. This includes the certification of 88 new LED models, among them the first 75 W omnidirectional incandescent equivalent bulb.

-Partnering with a number of utilities in the northeast region to promote energy efficiency, adopting Energy Star-certified LED light bulbs, and distributing LED bulbs to 65,000 students at 40 area universities. This effort resulted in an estimated 59 million kWh savings and an 89-million-pound reduction in GHG emissions over the lifetime of the products.

-Training more than 10,000 retailer and distributor employees through a variety of vehicles, including the Philips Lighting Application Center, road shows and in-store training events.

-Demonstrating leadership in product innovation, including the Department of Energy L Prize-winning LED bulb, which was Energy Star-certified in 2012.

-Educating consumers about Energy Star through its website as well as a series of YouTube videos on LED lighting.

-Supporting the Energy Star Change the World, Start with Energy Star campaign through its Team Energy Star First Mates event, participation in Twitter and Facebook parties, and an employee pledge drive.


Seven winners received awards in part for their superior efforts in the Home Performance with Energy Star program. The remaining organizations receive Excellence Awards and other special recognition for specific activities to promote energy-efficient products, homes or buildings.

Cree Inc. received Energy Star recognition for its exemplary efforts in the area of cutting-edge efficiency and product innovation. Key 2012 accomplishments include:

-Demonstrating focus on innovation with the introduction of the most efficient Energy Star-certified downlight in 2012.

-Increasing the number of Energy Star-certified models by 686 percent compared to 2011.

-Seeking accreditation and earning EPA recognition for two internal laboratories for testing integral LED lamps and luminaires.

Metro Lighting also received Energy Star recognition for its noteworthy efforts in training and education on energy-efficient lighting and Energy Star. Key 2012 accomplishments include:

-Stocking more than 200 Energy Star-certified lighting fixtures and bulbs, including a variety of ceiling fans, vent fans, decorative fixtures, LED bulbs and commercial light fixtures.

-Leveraging a strong partnership with the local utility to offer incentives for Energy Star-certified lighting products, including an instant rebate on Energy Star-certified light fixtures.

-Providing extensive employee education on Energy Star-certified lighting products through numerous vendor and utility collaborations and creative training tactics.

-Increasing consumer knowledge of energy-efficient lighting through updated Web content, in-store materials and several community events, including the Metro Lighting Show Me LED event, the St. Louis Earth Day festival, and the Missouri Botanical Garden’s Green Home Great Health Fair.

-Demonstrating leadership in environmental stewardship through facilitating the recycling of more than 37,000 light bulbs and installing electric vehicle charging stations in showroom parking lots and solar panels on the flagship showroom rooftop.

To view a list of all winners, click here.

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