Energy Star Lauds Lighting Partners
March 7, 2012 - 5:12pm

In a ceremony on March 31, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Deparment of Energy (DOE) presented the 2009 Energy Star® Awards, which recognize outstanding contributions toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency.

Sea Gull Lighting received an Award for Sustained Excellence for its efforts to create and promote energy-efficient products. The company also promoted the Energy Star Advanced Lighting Package, working with builders to install more than 1,200 packages last year.

Satco Products/Nuvo Lighting was also honored as a Partner of the Year, primarily for the company’s significant support of the Green Levittown campaign. This campaign attempted to convert America’s “first suburb” in New York into the country’s first energy-efficient suburb. Additionally, Nuvo Lighting greatly expanded its selection of Energy Star-qualified decorative fixtures.

MaxLite also received Partner of the Year recognition for developing a low-mercury CFL that did not sacrifice lamp performance. The company also expanded its selection of GU24 self-ballasted CFLs.

Retailer Seattle Lighting and, its online portal, also received an Award for Excellence for doubling its stock of Energy Star-qualified products, replacing 28,000 showroom bulbs with CFLs and sponsoring a successful in-store CFL recycling program.

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