Energizer Introduces New LED Lighting Line
March 9, 2012 - 2:35pm

Well-known battery and flashlight manufacturer Energizer recently introduced its first household lighting collection consisting of LED task, accent and path lights.

David Spartano, Energizer’s Director of Business Development, says this is not Energizer’s first foray into the field of lighting.

“Believe it or not, Energizer has been in the lighting business for over 100 years, since we invented the flashlight, so lighting is not new to us,” Spartano says. “We were also one of the first major companies to switch headlights and flashlights to LED, so we have a lot of familiarity with that technology.”

Spartano says he feels Energizer will solve consumer needs in a way no other company has.

“We can really improve the consumer experience,” Spartano says. “We pay attention to things like glare and eye strain, and we consider exactly what job this light is being designed for. It’s not one size fits all. Instead, we try to customize the light for the application.”

Energizer also made it a priority to make products that are easy to install.

“What we started with were products that we felt the average person could buy and use themselves,” Spartano says. “We thought it was important to provide products that people could quickly put to use, not products that require an electrician.”

Aside from quality design, Spartano says Energizer’s reputation will help set it apart in the lighting marketplace.

“Energizer is a very well-known brand that people value and trust, and that denotes things like high performance and high quality, and our lighting products will certainly live up to that brand heritage,” Spartano says.

Energizer’s first home lighting products were introduced in October. The Glas Collection consists of a task light (shown), an indoor motion-activated path light, an under cabinet light and two flameless candles, and the Edge Collection includes two accent lights and flameless candles that are powered by touch. All of the lights use LEDs from suppliers like Nichia, Cree and Philips Lumileds.

Currently, the products are only available online, but Spartano says that will change in the near future.

“We’re rolling out our first products right now. They’re currently available on Amazon.com, and we’re negotiating with a bunch of big box retailers and home improvement stores,” Spartano says. “We also think that specialty lighting and smaller local stores will play a key role in our distribution plans.”

Energizer will also launch additional lighting products in the spring and fall of next year, and will also be showcasing its new products at the Intl. Home and Housewares Show March 10-13 in Chicago.

“Energizer has made a commitment to get into the lighting space, and we’re in this for the long term,” Spartano says. “We plan to roll out new products every year, and we have a plan for five years into the future.”

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