ELK Lighting's Emma Lowry on HGTV HOME's New Collection
December 5, 2012 - 3:58pm
Lowry discusses the lifestyle sensibilities behind the new lines for HGTV HOME: Voyage, Modern Heritage, Community, Over Exposed and Graphic Control.
Emma Lowry

Lowry: I travel to trade shows around the world from New York to London to Paris and all over Asia. Travel helps me to get understanding of current trends and allows me to see new elements that we want to make sure we get into our products.

I always look at women’s fashion, footwear, everything from the High Streets to the high-end fashion boutiques, anything that I think can be incorporated into a lighting design. My job is to take those inspirations, and HGTV’s directions, and pull them all together. Five lifestyle sensibilities drive the direction for all HGTV HOME lines: Voyage, Modern Heritage, Community, Over Exposed and Graphic Control.

One of the sensibilities that has been fun to work on is Over Exposed, which is relaxed, comfortable and pure, with a focus on light color and metallics. My favorite Over Exposed piece is a blown glass lamp (HGTV 295). It’s a gray crackle, and we frosted the glass on top. It looks like it could have been left outside in a storm and touched by snowfall. It’s unique and edgy and captures both an ethereal and contemporary feel.

Another lamp that I love is a Graphic Control piece —a simple rectangle with a bright chevron print (HGTV 278). It’s fun, fresh and funky. We think that’s who the HGTV consumer is.

We spend a significant amount of time and effort trying to incorporate feedback and direction from our customers, sales reps and partners. One example is Bassett Furniture, another HGTV partner. They felt strongly that the size and scale of the lamps  needed to be increased to make the product fit well with many of their furniture collections. We have definitely taken that on board, and you will see significantly upscaled items in the October release.

  • Emma Lowry
    Emma Lowry
  • Chevron lamp
    Chevron lamp
    The HGTV 278 lamp from Graphic Control delivers bold graphics, technical materials and a high-gloss finish.
  • HGTV lamp
    HGTV lamp
    ELK Lighting's HGTV 295 lamp is part of the Over Exposed line, featuring light colors and a metallic finish.

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