DOE to Merge SSL R&D Workshops in 2015
July 18, 2014 - 10:10am
A single workshop, Jan. 27-29, will now be held.

In 2015, the Department of Energy (DOE) will consolidate its Solid-State Lighting (SSL) R&D workshops (typically held in January and June) into a single R&D meeting slated for Jan. 27–29, 2015. These workshops generate a robust exchange of ideas and inputs from industry experts from all aspects of the supply chain, and the 2015 R&D workshop will blend discussions on SSL research, product development and manufacturing R&D needs into one “meeting of the minds.”

The January workshop will feature thought-provoking insights from the nation's top researchers and thought leaders. The most complex science and technology challenges facing SSL today will be dissected, and attendees will take a look at new ways to improve manufacturing processes and foster U.S. competitiveness. Separate LED and OLED breakout sessions will enable in-depth discussion of key issues related to advancing both of these technologies. In the end, inputs from attendees will guide the development of a single DOE SSL R&D plan, which in turn will guide the development of future DOE solicitations.

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