Divine Design
June 13, 2014 - 9:13am
Assuming the name of a Greek deity, the Artemis formerly known as Raymond Waites takes his aesthetic higher.

Artemis: When I look at my front yard, I see dogwood trees, magnolias and oaks. These led to the idea of my twig lamps. I took photos, interpreted the images and sketched my ideas. I gave Frederick Cooper some concept drawings marked with dimensions and my thoughts on materials. I understand they took actual twigs off of a tree, cast them in resin and finished them in stainless steel and white. You’d have thought they were real. We just introduced them at High Point.

Last fall, I introduced Art-Lite. I wanted this collection to use a lot of crystal and white marble. I wanted an update to Neoclassic design — Roman columns and capitals — but I didn’t want a visual jumble. I wanted a feeling of harmony to exist between the elements. I think we achieved that.

The twigs and Art-Lite are two examples that show how I like to tinker with both nature and architecture so that they become contemporary.

You can see this in a favorite Art-Lite lamp of mine. It’s a simple rod. The shade is a cylinder of rectangular crystals. Out of this “hard” geometry, crystals fall like raindrops. Even though you have rectangular geometry, you have a lamp that’s sparkling, beautiful and light.

I’m very lucky that ideas come fast to me. Just this morning, I worked up about 50 new lamps. I’m specifying that some use natural rock crystal and hope that the manufacturer will develop them. I also worked on a group that I call Metro Chic. It’s about colors. Think of confetti. You throw confetti up into the air, and it falls down like multicolored raindrops. It’s a new visual for me. Now, I don’t want Metro Chic to confuse what I’ve already got going. But I just have to experiment with ideas. I have to.

  • The Ramus lamp has a cast composite faux-wood base in a white finish.
  • The Artimus figure stands 33 1/2 inches tall and combines silver-plated casting and a marble plinth.

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