Designer Stephen Blackman on His New LED, OLED Lighting
September 18, 2013 - 8:13am
Stephen Blackman has carved out quite a niche in energy-efficient product design, with new forms for LED and OLED.

Blackman: Lighting always starts with the source. How do I hold this source? Electrify it? Control its light? What is its size and shape? Is it being created for price, design or cost of manufacturing? I have to answer a bunch of questions to form the basis for the aesthetic. The function and the form will follow.

I am a designer and an engineer in one. How things should be made and how they should look interest me equally. I want to answer the question, “What does an LED chandelier look like?” There is no one defining design yet. I want to find the way. The time for performance decorative fixtures has come.

Ironically, the LED and OLED markets have been pushing efficacy and performance, wringing out every last lumen. Yet, by its nature, decorative lighting is inefficient. It’s supposed to be interesting to look at. I’m looking to bring out something in LED that the public has never seen before.

Round, ball-shaped pendants are popular for commercial and residential applications, so I decided to create a ball pendant that is LED-like, not incandescent-like. My Swirl LED pendant works well with the nature of LEDs. Incandescent ball pendants have the light source in the center surrounded by a decorative diffuser. LEDs create the Swirl’s luminous satin nickel surfaces. The main form, an arc, creates the volume of the ball without actually having it there. You couldn’t do that with incandescent, but with LEDs it was easy.

  • The Swirl LED pendant (right) is 24 inches in diameter, puts out 3,000 lumens and is dimmable. Both that and the Starlit fixture are part of the Stephen Blackman Signature Series of LED fixtures by BlackJack Lighting.

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