Designer David Landis Combines Geometrics, LEDs for New Collection
April 20, 2012 - 3:24pm
Lighting designer David Landis combines the simplicity of familiar shapes with solid-state technology for Nuvo’s Geocentric line.
David Landis
Designer David Landis

David Landis: What motivates me is adaptive reuse. Since there’s nothing really new and different, except new technology, seeing old things turned around into something new, or using existing things in different or unexpected ways, is motivating for me. Using Satco’s KolourOne options, my motivation was the edge-lit LED technology — I wanted to be the first to exploit it.

The technology came to my awareness when I was designing Geocentric. There were some issues with the first direction. Then, we found this new technology, and I was able to adapt the design to a new light engine and actually make it better. It was an alignment of the planets. Working with LED technology has opened up a whole new avenue of design for me.

My ideas come from things I see in magazines, at antique markets and galleries and from sculpture. Plus, it comes just from my head. Sometimes ideas come from negative space. I may see something in a shadow and do a tiny sketch. When I first started in lighting, I put stock items together. Then, I began to design by drawing. For the last 10 years, I’ve been doing everything on my computer in 3-D. I don’t begin with plans and then work it out into a three-dimensional thing. I start in 3-D. I think in 3-D.

The design for Geocentric is pure geometric form. I’ve been involved with a person who is a minimalist and who manages the estate of an artist who was a monochromist. A lot of the gallerists and artists I’ve met are in the genre of minimalism. So it’s part of my thinking — minimalism, plus modernism. Geocentric is as simple as you can get: circle, square, rectangle.

  • David Landis
    David Landis
    Designer David Landis
  • Satco Nuvo Geocentric KolourOne LED David Landis
    Satco Nuvo Geocentric KolourOne LED David Landis
    The dimmable 2Ninety suspension fixture from Nuvo Lighting's Geocentric Series incorporates KolourOne edge-lit LED technology that's 2800K. Available in chrome or white.

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