Dallas Market Announces Digital Day
November 7, 2012 - 4:43pm

Dallas Market Center (DMC) will host its first-ever Digital Day of e-marketing seminars on Friday, Jan. 20, during the Dallas Market.

DMC Vice President of Communications Cole Daugherty says the purpose of the classes is to help small retailers keep up with larger stores.

“Technology for retailers is no longer an optional tool,” he says. “It’s critical to the success of retail, and there’s a basic technology toolbox retailers must use to remain competitive.”

Daugherty says this toolbox includes e-mail, web marketing and social media, and that Digital Day will address all three with the help of SnapRetail “We’ve made the sessions broad enough to appeal to all levels of retail, whether it’s an individually-owned retail store or an entrepreneur with multiple locations,” he says. “It will also meet all skill needs. Whether it’s someone who’s just beginning to harness the technology or someone who’s been using it and needs to optimize their use, there’s something for everyone.”

“The market is a place for retailers to gain knowledge, and we do a fantastic job of delivering that knowledge about products and trends, but what we can help retailers with now is business skills with a focus on technology,” Daugherty says. “At the end of the day, if a retailer takes away one piece of information about using technology to create an event or a better way to keep in contact with customers, we’ll have been successful.”

All seminars will be held in the Internet Lounge, World Trade Center 1-147A.

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