Cree Acquires Ruud Lighting
December 5, 2011 - 8:28pm

Cree purchased Ruud Lighting, a Wisconsin-based manufacturer of LED outdoor lighting, on Aug. 17 for an estimated cost of $525 million.

Michelle Murray, Head of Corporate Communications at Cree, says the acquisition came about as a result of close collaboration between the two companies as Ruud has transitioned to an LED lighting company, with over half of their business coming from LEDs.

“They were one of the first companies to make high quality LED lighting in outdoor spaces, and they worked very closely with us on what they wanted on an LED component,” Murray says. “It’s almost like they helped us drive the next level of LED components.”

Ruud uses exclusively Cree LED components, and also recently added a line of indoor downlights, although most of their business remains in outdoor lighting, specifically their BetaLED line of outdoor and industrial products.

“Everyone at Cree is very excited to have some of the best outdoor products now under the Cree name,” Murray says.

Ruud will continue to operate out of Racine, WI, but as a wholly owned subsidiary of Cree, and will still offer its current brand and product lines. In addition, all of Ruud’s 800 employees will continue to work there.

According to Murray, this is the second fixture manufacturer Cree has acquired in the last several years. In 2008, Cree acquired a smaller company called LLF Inc. (for LED Lighting Fixtures), and LLF’s products became Cree’s indoor fixture line.

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