Could Your Store Be Showroom of the Year?
December 18, 2009 - 12:05pm

Did you ever think we’d see the other side of 2009? Man, what a character builder! Even if we’re not entirely out of the woods, there’s something truly cathartic about putting a chronological chapter of this economic epic to bed. Good riddance to a bad crash.

At a time when “even with last year” is the new “up,” and “survival” is the new “success,” it’s an accomplishment to lead your business through the land mines. This industry is filled with fearless generals and tireless footsoldiers, marching on despite fewer financial rewards. There ought to be an award for such heroics. And now, there is.

Residential Lighting is pleased to announce the first Showroom of the Year Awards, debuting in 2010 and honoring top retailers in categories based on sales volume, as well as recognizing exceptional accomplishments with specialty awards in key areas.

We’ve partnered with the Dallas Market Center to bring this program to light because we know how hard everyone has worked this year. No doubt your team could use a formal acknowledgement of what they’ve achieved despite challenging conditions. And winning an award is a distinction that can be promoted to your customers and local community as well as motivating and celebrating internal staff. Who wouldn’t want to shop at a store named Showroom of the Year by the leading publication in its industry?

We’ll be posting an official entry form on this web site, which you can use to submit your showroom for consideration. Finalists will be announced in our May 2010 issue, and the awards presentation will take place during the June 24 opening night reception at the Dallas Market in the Trade Mart’s Grand Pavilion. All entries must be received by March 1, 2010.

Aside from potentially providing some well deserved glory for some hard-earned guts, the simple act of articulating your achievements for your entry itself is bound to elicit a palpable sense of pride for what you’ve been able to do with ill winds in your face. For what it’s worth, I’m reaching through the page now to pat you on the back

Manufacturers and reps, feel free to nominate your best customers for this inaugural honor. They are the critical link that puts product in its rightful place: the homes of end users. What showrooms do validates everything else that the rest of us do. So the least we can do is give them their due.

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