Coral Gables Showroom Adds Lighting Expert, Lighting Lab
December 18, 2013 - 4:48pm
New lighting manager Heather Thomas created the showroom's first state-of-the-art lighting lab.

The Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery in Coral Gables, FL, recently added a new lighting manager to its showroom team. Heather Thomas has more than 10 years of residential lighting experience and is certified by the American Lighting Assn. She most recently worked at the Ferguson showroom in Charleston, SC, where she created the company’s first lighting lab. Now, Thomas brought the state-of-the-art lighting lab, which consists of shadowboxes on the wall, each equipped with a different light source such as incandescent, CFL and LED, to the Coral Gables showroom.

"A lot of people I meet with are aware of LED or CFL, but they have never compared them side by side or in application," Thomas said. "Using the room allows me to help the customer understand, but most importantly see, the differences in the light."

Customers can schedule to see the lab presentation, which can run from 15 minutes to an hour. In the darkened room, the consultant will start off the discussion with light sources people are familiar with, turning on the light boxes one at a time, and talking about their advantages and disadvantages.

Over the past three years, Thomas has become an expert on LED and continues to study the advancements in the technology. “LED lighting has become a huge movement in the residential lighting community, and I am fascinated by it,” Thomas said.

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