Thank you for sharing this

Thank you for sharing this Laura. I had no idea!! Such a personal loss drives us all to action in many ways. And I am grateful that Leslie Carothers pointed this out on Facebook. To think you went to January mkt then onto your friends funeral then to Dallas mkt breaks my heart. Someone I know in the Atlanta mkt this wknd had to leave her job yesterday for a family death then plug right back in. We all have to compartmentalizs our lives so much these days because theres little time to stay in one moment for long. It humbles me to know that in life we all share in these every day struggles and I think it helps us all when wonderful people like you and Leslie Carothers and more share what means most to you. And organizations like this work so hard to raise cancer research funds. Thank you for writing this!! This matters to me too as my mother died of cancer. So if theres still time I'd be happy to donate a pillow if theres a silent auction. Having just seen the photo of your son and remembering my own at that tender age, a child never fully heals from the loss of their mother...Im happy to contribute in honor of your friend and her precious son. Deborah Main,


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