I have read and re-read this

I have rad and re-read this about 4 times now. WOW!! I've been losing sleep, losing money, feeling like my check book is part of my hip, and hoping that the manufacturers that I've been buying from assembling their stuff selling their stuff will remember one day ... Who put them on the map and who used to be their business partner. possibly that day has come. I have to tell you on one, and I promise one, situation that came up in my store a few months ago,, I had a customer that did not like the pricing she was getting from us on several Casablanca Fans.. she was bold enough to tell me that her contractor ( and named him ) could do better on line. Here's the good part - the contractor came back to the store to buy blades ?? said the customer bought these fans's on line, they are at the house to install them, have ladders set up, 3 men on the job and no blades. WOW.. as you know I'm sure - with Casa you have to order blades . They have a part number all their own. You don't order, you don't get. So there is the reason my price was higher. I don't stock Casa any more, I special order everything. So I had no blades. The contractor left, and I never saw them again. so many stories I wish they would end. Tell me what I can do to help.. send me one of those stickers. tell me how much $... I'm here to help. drew


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