Tell me where to sign up! As

Tell me where to sign up! As a brick and mortar store for 21 years I totally agree with this movement. Often we will provide all information and be a "find a showroom" location to see a product, but not necessarily the recipient of the sale. We have shifted our direction of sales to manufacturers who are Made in the USA and less from importers. After all, the USA product supports many families like ours who also support so many of the local charities and businesses that they do business with. I don't see the need to spend an hour or more talking about a fixture that I am going to make small margins on to begin with and then lose that sale to online shopping. I have often found these importers to offer discounts and special shipping deals to online sellers and no support to me other than special deals at market to drive the inventory from their warehouse to mine with short payment terms. It really has become too expensive to display and stock their merchandise. Internet sites are only interested in the "buy" button and never provide service. Their customer is coming to see the product before the purchase and then again after the buy when they realize it didn't come with bulbs or has broken glass and .com has a waiver against it. It is very frustrating. Where are the reps in this? They are only interested in the large .com sites they service. I hope this movement garners the support brick and mortar stores deserve from their manufacturers.


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