The rumors are true. I am one

The rumors are true. I am one of the individuals with skin sensitivity issues to these spiral bulbs. I absolutely hate them, an am outraged at the whole light bulb "phase out". Several of the restaurants that I go to have started using them, as well as the church I go to. My skin begins to feel irritated after about 20 minutes under CFL lighting. It feels as if my skin is being "ruffed up", not exactly pain, but an uncomfortable mild soreness. It also strains my eyes after a while, and then for many hours afterwards my eyes continue to feel irritated. Have you ever experienced "snow blindness"? Then you have some idea how my eyes are affected. I wish businesses and public places that use CFL bulbs would have more consideration to people that are more sensitive, like me. I can't imagine all this extra UV is good for everyone else either. Afterall, it is not a good idea to spend too many hours out in direct sunlight. It could lead to premature wrinkling and increase the risk of skin cancer. The government refuses to make the manufacturers put a warning label on their CFL bulbs, while the light bulb phase out is making hundreds of millions in profits for the big 3 manufacturers. The mainstream media for the most part has refused to cover the health issue because of environmental politics. CFLs have become a symbol for "saving energy", criticism of CFLs is seen as tantamount to an attack on environmentalism.


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