Cleveland Lighting to Unveil New Showroom
March 8, 2012 - 3:28pm

After a devastating total-loss fire earlier this year, Cleveland Lighting is celebrating the grand opening of a newly designed, renovated showroom in the original Lyndhurst, OH, location, with the goal of introducing visitors to an exciting new way to experience lighting’s impact on rooms and lifestyles.

Developed with the help of Kristen Howard, one of the country’s up-and-coming industrial designers, and by culling the best products and ideas from around the globe, the showroom presents itself as a destination for lighting, art, furniture and accessories that homeowners and business owners in Ohio had never experienced before.

At the new showroom, lighting will be displayed in settings (such as in three kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms and even an outdoor area) rather than simply hanging from racks, enabling shoppers to experience the lighting in context. Lighting and home décor products will be gathered according to design styles — modern, transitional and traditional — and carefully placed: “Like beads on a necklace, each item was chosen and arranged to make their unique qualities really stand out,” Howard says.

The re-opening will take place this Thursday, Nov. 19, 2009 at 5540 Mayfield Road.

Owned by Marty Bursky, Cleveland Lighting has been a respected mainstay in the lighting industry for more than 15 years prior to the fire. “We were down, but we were not out,” says Bursky. “We could have just accepted that our business was a total loss, but instead we decided to create something bigger and better.”

While the business moved to a temporary location just a few blocks away, remaining open without missing an order and still offering the full line of products, Bursky and son Matt, the company’s sales and marketing manager, set out across the country to find the best lighting showrooms and gather ideas to rebuild their dream.

Along the way, they stumbled upon Howard, who shared their vision. “We created something that enables customers to experience the impact lighting can have on a space and on their way of living, too,” she says.

The vision was brought to life with the help of Howard, Jerry Herschman of Cleveland’s Herschman Architects, and Akron-based K.J. Merriman construction company.

“In addition to the beautifully designed showroom, we created a state-of-the-art facility, including software and other technology to streamline our company’s already-efficient customer services,” adds Matt Bursky.

Although the showroom is designed to be a comfortable atmosphere for the everyday customer, it also is a resource for professional designers and architects, where they can bring clients or find inspiration for their own projects.

In addition to carrying some of the most well known lighting lines in the business, the Burskys also added new lines to the collection to round out their offerings, including becoming the Cleveland distributor for Swarovski crystal lighting. The new showroom will now showcase 180 lighting lines ranging from traditional, transitional or even ultra-modern designs.

“We can honestly say that we’ve created not only the best lighting showroom in Ohio, but one of the top facilities the country,” says Marty Bursky.

For more information, visit Cleveland Lighting's Web site.

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