Chicago-Area Showroom Opens New Location
March 8, 2012 - 4:53pm

A new location has made all the difference for a lighting showroom in Chicago’s western suburbs. Since relocating in March from an industrial area to a more residential location five miles away, Burr Ridge Lighting has seen an increase in foot traffic as a result of its improved visibility.

Robyn Radek, one of Burr Ridge Lighting’s lighting consultants, says the reaction to the new showroom has been “absolutely wonderful,” which she attributes to the showroom’s location on a street corner in downtown Westmont, IL.

“We’ve got visibility from the street, which we didn’t have before,” she says. “Moms walking by with strollers will come in one entrance and out the other, just to walk through and check us out.”

The old location of Burr Ridge Lighting, which is owned by Wally and Jan Esjmont, was ideal back when the building industry was booming, with 10,000 sq. ft. and two large loading docks, but the new location, although slightly smaller, is better suited for where the industry is headed, Radek says.

In addition to curb appeal, the new showroom also has a better set-up, with more windows for displaying product and a tenfold increase in parking.

Moving to Westmont has also opened up other opportunities for Burr Ridge Lighting, including becoming part of a business community and getting involved with local schools.

“We’re becoming involved in supporting the local student art community by working with area high schools because we consider lighting to be an art,” Radek says.

At the new location, the owners’ daughter Juliana has taken a larger leadership role and is helping to make the company more environmentally aware and technologically savvy. Along with the rest of the Burr Ridge Lighting group, she is working hard to keep up with the latest LED technology in order to be prepared for whatever the future of the industry has to offer.

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