Cheater’s Proof
April 14, 2009 - 12:00pm

Chandra Palermo, Editor

I haven’t been entirely faithful to this industry. As the Editor also for Hospitality Lighting and Accessory Merchandising, I often have flings with markets more tailored to those segments of the larger decorating

universe. Can you ever forgive me?

    I never stop thinking about you. The substantial amount of crossover trends and vendors ensures you’re always on my mind, even as I comb the aisles of an ancillary trade show with another publication’s name on my badge.

    I had Hospitality Lighting on my arm as I enjoyed a two-day romance at Las Vegas’ seductively energetic HD Expo in May. But while the flamboyant lighting schemes we profile in that magazine seem to have little relevance to the residential side, the bigger picture of the state of illumination can be gleaned by keeping fingers in both pies.

    Lighting specifiers take greater leaps with new materials

and technologies within the more theatrical environments of restaurants and nightclubs. For example, they’ve been dancing with LEDs a whole lot longer in those arenas, crafting elaborate systems that stretch the boundaries of the swiftly advancing light source. But those tied to

the home need not be jealous; they’ll work out the kinks in the still youthful category until it matures enough to commit to residential applications (“LED There Be Light,” page 60). You’ll get the more experienced, stable version.

    Many of the adventurous folks who work in hospitality design also have a hand in high-end residential projects. While exploring the area rug resources at New York City’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair this May for Accessory Merchandising, I also treated myself to a tour of the show’s numerous avant-garde lighting vendors

(“A Taste of Honey,” page 54). Many of these deal mainly with the design trade, but that’s a profit-boosting clientele you should consider pursuing ("Design Scheme").

    It’s good policy to keep your eye on the greater scope of developments in the wide world of illumination (“By Design”). Don’t be afraid to dabble a little. It’ll keep things exciting at home.

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