Ceiling Fan Freight Class Set to Remain Intact
March 12, 2012 - 9:09am

Following a prolonged campaign, the American Lighting Assn. (ALA) successfully convinced the National Classification Committee’s (NCC) staff and hearing panel that there is no basis for increasing ceiling fan freight class ratings. The increase would have resulted in a 15 to 20 percent increase in shipping prices, costing ceiling fan manufacturers millions.

    “This win is important for the ceiling fan industry,” says Dick Upton, ALA President and CEO. “[Our staff and legal counsel] performed countless interviews with ALA members to secure shipment data, and it was a tremendous amount of work for the manufacturers. But it had to be done to gain a victory.”

    The decision is scheduled to be fully adopted this month at the NCC general meeting, and while ALA nearly has closed this particular issue, the association’s struggles with the NCC are far from over.

    “It’s [finished] until a trucking company raises another freight class issue with the NCC,” Upton says. “It most likely won’t be a ceiling fan issue, but more likely it’ll be a lighting product.”

    In the coming months, ALA will keep a close eye on the committee’s actions and continue to oppose its antitrust immunity that is currently on review with the Surface Transportation Board.

2007 Membership Campaign Kicks Off Next Month

Set to launch in March, the ALA’s annual Membership Campaign will be themed “Deep in the Heart of Texas” to tie in with September’s annual ALA Conference in San Antonio. This year’s goal: to recruit 120 new members.

    Contact ALA Vice President of Membership Eric Jacobson at (800) 605-4448 to get involved or for more information on becoming a member of ALA.

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