Capitol Lighting Helps Habitat for Humanity
March 9, 2012 - 1:24pm

Employees from Capitol Lighting’s four Florida showrooms came together recently to build a home for an area family to kick off the company’s “Making Lives Brighter” event, where Capitol will collect lighting fixture donations for Habitat for Humanity.

Volunteers on the Habitat for Humanity construction project included two generations of the Lebersfeld family, which started Capitol Lighting over 80 years ago, including (pictured, left to right) CEO Ken Lebersfeld, Co-chairman Herman Lebersfeld and President Eric Lebersfeld.

Although Capitol Lighting has been a longtime donor to Habitat for Humanity, this was the first time the company participated in a build, an experience the volunteers found deeply moving, says Ken Lebersfeld.

“The experience was amazing,” Lebersfeld says. “A home is such a basic American necessity and when we hear of people without a home, it touches us deeply.”

The build also kicks off Capitol’s first-ever “Making Lives Brighter” event, where customers who donate their old lighting to Habitat for Humanity receive a 10 percent discount toward any new lighting purchase. Customers who donate will also receive a tax deduction from Habitat for Humanity.

“We thought this would be a good way to do outreach in our communities while also encouraging customers to upgrade their lighting fixtures, so it’s a win-win,” Lebersfeld says.

The promotion, which starts in November and runs through the end of the year, is also a good way to boost already strong sales during the holiday season.

“Generally, these are our stronger months seasonally, because of the holidays and visitors coming into town,” all of which leads homeowners to want to refresh their lighting, Lebersfeld says.

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