Capitol Lighting Creates Buzz With Jingle Contest
March 8, 2012 - 4:02pm

Capitol Lighting, an 86-year-old lighting retailer with nine locations throughout New Jersey and Florida, is giving consumers something to sing about. The company announced a jingle contest in early spring, challenging entrants to come up with an innovative, catchy tune to be used in its multifaceted marketing campaigns.

Beginning April 15 and ending June 30, hopeful contestants submitted entries for the competition via a dedicated website. The contest offers a grand prize of $2,500, a runner-up prize of $1,000 and a $750 shopping spree for the “most clever entry.” A lucky voter will also receive $500 cash.

An online toolkit was created to assist contestants by providing background information about the store’s brand that would be helpful for crafting a message that aligns with the company’s values and strengths, such as price guarantee, large selection and well-trained staff.

The jingle contest was actually his father Herman Lebersfeld's idea, says Eric Lebersfeld, Vice President, Capitol Lighting. “We are working on a radio campaign and wanted a jingle. Turning the creation of the jingle into a contest, if successful, would yield more than one result — obviously, a useful catchy tune, but we hoped to generate some good PR and entertainment value,” he says.

"Getting people to connect with our company in an increasingly fragmented marketing world is more and more challenging,” Lebersfeld says. “Being heard above the noise requires those of us with a good [story] to deliver to think of new ways to deliver our message.”

So far, the contest has generated significant buzz and entries are pouring in, among them, some definite “jewels,” he adds, such as this one from a woman in Plano, TX. “We look forward to posting them next month.”

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