ART and HFIA Announce Alliance
March 8, 2012 - 4:01pm

Attention home accessories and home furnishings professionals: A new "power couple" has emerged.

The Home Furnishings Independents Assn (HFIA) and the Accessories Resource Team (ART) recently announced a new relationship in which ART members can join HFIA at a discounted rate as "branch" members. All branch members will have access to full HFIA benefits and discounts.

“This is an exciting partnership and we will continue to build other partner programming that will benefit HFIA members as well as ART members,” says ART Executive Director Sharon Davis. “HFIA has a long history and solid group of benefits for the independent business owner. They are savvy administrators and can deliver some of the core business benefits that ART does not currently offer. ART members will gain tangible and affordable benefit from this relationship.”

HFIA also sees the strategic partnership as mutually beneficial. “It is an advantage to be able to choose an organization like ART to work with and to develop a relationship that highlights the areas of strength of both organizations,” says HFIA President Mary Frye.

Current and prospective members of both associations will see more value in their association memberships because of the expanded and enhanced benefits, Frye adds. “We are looking forward to the many new opportunities this relationship presents.”

ART is an association representing home accessory manufacturers, retailers, representatives, and other industry individuals and companies interested in promoting the decorative home accessories industry. The association’s goal is to enhance the market position of accessories. Each year, ART sponsors programs such as the ART Conference, regional educational seminars and the ARTS Awards.

HFIA presents itself as the voice of independent-thinking home furnishings professionals, and offers business tools and solutions to help members operate more efficiently and, in return, more profitably.

For more information, contact Mary Frye at 800.942.HOME or [email protected].

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