American Lighting Association's Strategic Goals for 2007
April 14, 2009 - 12:00pm

In preparation for another challenging year for the lighting industry, American Lighting Association Executive Committee members Fred Fennell, Tom Early, Linda Pavletich, Irene Wang and Zia Eftekhar met recently to define the organization’s goals and course of action for 2007.

Falling into one of three fundamental categories — public affairs, education and organization affairs — the objectives support American Lighting Association’s overall efforts to expand showroom sales, protect the industry’s interests and provide quality services to its members.

Here’s a brief look at what American Lighting Association has in store for the months to come:

Public Affairs

  • Beef up the BiNational Advertising/PR program to
    encourage consumer awareness and promote showrooms.
  • Foster relationships with sister industry organizations
    to leverage benefits.
  • Champion the industry in the formation of technological standards and codes.
  • Track state issues and maintain a visible presence in Washington, D.C.


  • Promote American Lighting Association-sponsored training and certification.
  • Encourage networking between showrooms, manufacturers and reps.
  • Engage members with a dynamic annual conference.

Organization Affairs

  • Boost membership.
  • Develop new member programming and services.
  • Amplify members’ interaction with the American Lighting Association Web site.
  • Bolster the approved American Lighting Association database standard

Members can download a complete copy of American Lighting Association’s 2007 Action Agenda from the association’s Web site at

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