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April 14, 2009 - 12:00pm

It’s difficult to find the perfect partner. But when things truly click, the lucky companions are in for an awful lot of fun. Take my current favorite couple: glass and light. The sparks that fly when these two dance dazzle and beguile in all the right ways. While vastly different in substance and form, they possess attributes that complement and contrast to captivating results.


    This is no new phenomenon. But glass pervaded showrooms at January’s Dallas Market as if some genius lab rat just stumbled across the formula yesterday. Like a kind of gold rush redux, designers ran wild with the material in all sorts of inventive directions. (You’ll find a few of our favorites in “Art of Glass,” beginning on page 88 of the April issue.) New techniques, textures and tones refracted, reflected and revitalized even the most otherwise basic chandelier. Not quite sure why these big ideas often splash onto the scene in such vast waves—but I’m ready and willing to surf this one.

    Appealing aesthetics and special effects aside, glass also enjoys the enchantment of craftsmanship—a feature several vendors employed to their advantage at winter markets. In

one of the most high-profile examples, a video presentation that perpetually ran in Quoizel’s Dallas and Las Vegas showrooms demonstrated the intricate procedure behind Todd Phillips’ new Salamander Glass Studio Collection. Associate Editor Jennifer Pinto and I were fortunate enough to receive a personalized tutorial in the modern art of glassmaking from Besa Lighting’s Michael Wypasek. I most definitely looked upon some of the more striking pieces with newly appreciative eyes once I better understood their elaborate geneses.

    Consider incorporating video demonstrations or tutorials into your showroom to boost the profile of your latest glass offerings. If that proves a bit much, perhaps you could upgrade

your hangtags or encourage your sales staff to promote an interesting backstory. (Read about Shine Lamps’ glass-blowing revival on page 52 of the April issue.) When a combo has as much chemistry as glass and light do, it would be a shame not to revel in the romance.





What’s your favorite lighting bedfellow?

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