ALA's Strategic Goals for 2008
March 12, 2012 - 9:21am

The American Lighting Association (ALA) Board of Governors—led by Chairman Tom Early, President and CEO Dick Upton and Chair-elect Paul Eusterbrock—gathered during September’s annual conference to define the organization’s strategic goals for 2008 and to set forth an aggressive plan of action for the challenges the industry will undoubtedly face in the coming year. The resulting outline of objectives, themed “Mission ‘08: Strengthening Members’ Business,” spans the key areas of public affairs, education and organization affairs and supports the American Lighting Association's primary aims to boost members’ sales, promote their lighting showrooms and deliver a range of quality services.

Here’s a brief look at the initiatives that the American Lighting Association will implement in 2008:

Public Affairs

  • Continue to bolster the BiNational Advertising/PR program and move ahead with plans to produce a second lighting-specific consumer magazine.
  • Strengthen alliances with ancillary industry organizations.
  • Develop and promote energy-efficient lighting and champion its proper application.
  • Communicate with lawmakers regarding lighting legislation.


  • Bolster ALA training opportunities, especially focusing on merchandising strategies and outdoor lighting.
  • Launch the new Webinar training series.
  • Encourage increased member participation in ALA certification programs, including the new Certificate Specialist accreditation.

Organization Affairs

  • Continue to increase membership.
  • Increase interaction with the ALA Web site.
  • Support young professionals’ involvement in the new Young Executives Task Force.

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