Alan, Mitch Colker to Host Lighting Fundamentals Seminar
April 16, 2013 - 7:27am
In the Colkers' 33rd installment, analysis and application of lighting fundamentals will be reinforced when participants complete the layout and fixture schedule for a hotel and home.

Alan and Mitch Colker have rescheduled their 33rd lighting seminar, which will feature Joe Rey-Barreau as speaker, to May 20, 2013.

In this seminar titled “Critical Lighting Facts Every Lighting Associate Should Know To Succeed in a Complex Lighting Market: How to Design a Lighting Plan For a Hotel and a Custom Home With High-Efficacy Lighting,” emphasis will be placed on the analysis and application of lighting fundamentals such as lighting trends, lighting metrics, lamp selection, matching interior design styles with lighting styles, recessed lighting design, low-voltage lighting, linear lighting, fluorescent lighting and lighting layouts and specifications.

During the seminar, participants will complete the layout and fixture schedule for a hotel, including the lobby, restaurant, offices, corridors, and private rooms. A custom home lighting layout also will be analyzed and discussed. Emphasis will be placed on how to use lighting fundamentals for more effective design and less time-consuming solutions and problem solving.

In this seminar attendees will learn the following:

    -Why are lighting fundamentals more important today than ever before?

    -What are the most current interior design and lighting trends?

    -How to make confident lighting recommendations.

    -Which lamps and light sources should be highest priorities for lighting solutions?

    -How to do quick and effective recessed lighting layouts for high-end and custom homes.

    -How to create a lighting plan, luminaire schedule and spec. sheet package for custom homes.

    -How to use low-voltage lighting to maximum advantage?

    -How to do a lighting layout for a small boutique hotel, including the lobby, restaurant, office, corridors and private rooms.

The seminar fee is $135 and is due by Friday, May 10. Registrants can reserve a room under the American Lighting Assoc. at the Comfort Suites Innsbrook, Glenn Allen, VA, for a special rate of $79/night. Reservations must be made by Monday, May 13.

To register, please contact Alan Colker at 804.347.2351 or [email protected] for a registration form.

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