Alan, Mitch Colker To Host 35th ALA Seminar
April 14, 2014 - 5:04pm
In honor of this milestone, registrants can attend for a special discounted rate of $35.

“Lighting Design 101:  An Overview of Past, Present and Future Fundamentals and Trends in Residential and Commercial Lighting” will be presented on May 5th in Glen Allen, VA, with Joe Rey-Barreau as the featured speaker.

Attendees will learn about the fundamentals of lighting design with an emphasis on how basic concepts from the past have remained the same as technology changes in the present and the future. 

The seminar will look at concepts like lumens, footcandles, efficacy, watts, color temperature and color rendering index, as well as fundamentals of advanced applications of residential and commercial lighting, including Dark Sky compliant lighting and comparable lumen output of incandescent, fluorescent, HID and LED light sources.

The emphasis will be on understanding how many of the fundamentals of lighting from twenty years ago have become more important than ever before in the new era of LED and solid-state lighting. The seminar will use a case study approach where participants will create a complete lighting plan for a residential and a small commercial/retail space.

In honor of the 35th seminar, and with help from vendors, the fee is only $35 per attendee instead of the normal $135.

Registrants can reserve a room under the American Lighting Assn. at the Comfort Suites Innsbrook, Glenn Allen, VA, for a special rate of $79/night. Reservations must be made by Friday, April 25.

To register, please contact Alan Colker at 804.347.2351 or [email protected] for a registration form.

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